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Minneapolis Commercial Mower & Welding featuring Greenworks Mowers

Minneapolis Commercial Mower and Welding now sell selected Greenworks products. Take a moment to explore all the amazing new technology and features packed into the Greenworks model line up.

Greenworks is a leader in battery-powered outdoor equipment for landscaping professionals, unveiled today the first production models of its highly-anticipated Lithium Z Zero Turn Mowers. The Greenworks Commercial Lithium Z family features the first and only lithium-ion battery powered commercial grade mowers to be independently UL-certified for safety.

At the outset, the Lithium Z family will feature both a 48” stand-on mower and a 60” ride-on mower, both offering users the ultimate in zero-turn radius maneuverability, zero gas and zero emissions! Both models are powered by an 82-volt 13.8kW lithium-ion battery and feature three 1.5KW Brushless Blade Motors and two 1.7KW Brushless Drive Motors, delivering pro-level cutting speed and power, offering a true gas replacement.

Greenworks Commercial 82V GZ 60R Ride-On Mower

  • Blade Speeds from 2800-3200 RPM
  • 60” Professional Steel Deck
  • Electronic Height Adjustment from 1” to 6”
  • Forward Speeds from 0-10 MPH
  • Reverse Speeds from 0-5 MPH
  • 13” Front Tires, 23” Rear Tires designed to offer stability on the most challenging of terrain.
  • 4.5-5 Hours of Cutting Time Per Charge
  • 10 Hours Charge Time
  • Stepless Cutting Height Positions
  • Weighs 1,321.5 lbs.
  • Greenworks Commercial 82V GZ 48S Stand-On Mower

Greenworks Commercial 82V GZ 48S Stand-On Mower

  • Blade Speeds from 2800-3600 RPM
  • 48” Durable Steel Deck
  • Manual Height Adjustment from 1.5” to 6”
  • Forward Speeds from 0-6 MPH
  • Reverse Speeds from 0-3 MPH
  • 12” Front Tires, 18” Rear Tires to get through tough terrain
  • 6 Hours of Cutting-Time Per Charge
  • 10 Hours Charge Time
  • 18 Different Cutting Height Positions
  • Weighs 1,120 lbs.