Welding and Fabrication Services in Minneapolis

With over 35 years experience in the trade our welding department is top notch. The high quality of our work stands out in every job we do and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Welding & Repairs (For Professional Lawn Care Businesses & More)

Our Minneapolis in-shop welding services can help repair or improve your metal equipment to keep your professional lawn business running smoothly. Owner-operated welding business that provides high-quality welding services to the Twin Cities area. Minneapolis Commercial Mower & Welding will fix it promptly, efficiently and at reasonable rates.

Metals we work with:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron Steel

We can repair:

  • Cracks in commercial mower decks
  • Trailers and trailer ramps for lawn equipment
  • Trailer hitches for trucks
  • Skid steer attachments
  • Hand rails
  • Misc. Equipment for general businesses

We custom manufacture:

  • Trailer gates and ramps for lawn equipment
  • Lawn Equipment carriers & utility baskets for mowers & trucks
  • Lawn & Yard Trimmer line traps


welding repair before


welding repair after


welding repair service example work


Welding Example Repair Work


Custom Metal Fabrication Work

Custom baskets for mid mount-mowers
Custom baskets for mid mount-mowers.
Custom ramps for box-trucks and trailers.
Custom ramps for box-trucks and trailers.
Aluminum trailer rails
Aluminum trailer rails.
Custom cage for tarps and straps
Custom cage for tarps and straps